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Call for Blogs-2022 | Premanu Foundation | Last Date 31st December

About us

Premanu Foundation was founded in January 2019 by two fellow TISS students. It is a rapidly growing independent child rights organisation, currently working in 4 states of the country. Beginning its journey in 2019, fiercely committed to ensure children’s rights, the organisation has changed the lives of more than 26000 children.

We firmly believe that children also have inherent rights equal to those of adults, and hence they should be provided with the best chance in their life to survive and thrive. This is why we are committed to ensure that no child should be left behind in the process of development and growth. With strong willpower and ambition, we are committed to do everything it takes to protect the children’s rights.

We hope that every citizen of the country does care for children’s rights and will stand up for them.

About the blog

The blog is initiated to provide a platform for students, academicians, and research scholars to share their thoughts and research on the issues related to Children and Children’s rights. This is a platform to host a wide range of writings that would provide better insights into the issue and challenges children across the world, particularly in India, are facing.


The blog invites submissions from students, academicians, and research scholars of any stream on the issues related to children and children’s rights.


· Children's Rights and Education: Challenges & Future Directions

· Climate and Children

· Violence against Children

· Cyberbullying and Children

· Socio-emotional well-being and Children

· Child Protection

. Early Childhood Development

· Any other child rights-related issue

Guidelines for submissions

· Articles in the range of 1200 -1500 words shall be accepted.

· The content of the article shall be original and must not be published anywhere else.

. Articles with plagiarism of more than 10% shall be rejected.

· Co-authorship is allowed for a maximum of 2 authors only.

· The submission shall be made in .doc/.docx format only.

· The author(s) shall follow a uniform style of citation.

· All the references from online sources shall be hyperlinked.

· All the submissions shall be made to with the subject “Submission of Article.”

The following details shall be mentioned on the first page of the document containing the article:

· Name of the author and co-author

· College/University/Organisation of the author and co-author

· Email id and contact details of the author and co-author

Formatting Guidelines


· Font: Times New Roman

· Font Size: 12

· Alignment: Justified

· Margin: Normal (1” or 2.54 cm on all sides)

· Line Spacing: 1.5


· Font: Times New Roman

· Font Size: 10

· Alignment: Justified

· Line Spacing: 1

Submission Fee

There is no registration or submission fee

Last Date of Submission

All the submissions shall be made by 31st December 2022, any submission made after 11:59 pm on 31st December 2022 shall not be accepted.

Contact Details

Mobile: +91-6391875019

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