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Do you envision creating a fearless, inclusive, creative and fun space for children? If yes, apply for our fellowship programme.

About the Fellowship
The Premanu Fellowship provides a platform for changemakers that would like to contribute to educational equity through community and school leadership development programmes. The fellows get an opportunity to work with the school committee, principals, teachers, and community people to bring systematic change in education. The fellows will work at schools while getting regular training, mentoring, and support from the Premanu Foundation.

  • School Intervention

    • Onsite support

    • Teacher's training and workshop

    • Building as Learning Aid (BaLA)

    • Library

    • Smart Classes

    • Playground

    • Play to Learn Activities

  • Community Intervention

    • Community Learning Centres

    • Remedial Classes

    • Play to Learn Activities

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Who can Apply
Our fellows must be:

1. Passionate about working with Children

2. Passionate about bringing about a change in Education

3. Critical thinkers with an aptitude to solve problems

4. Able to bring innovative ideas and take the leadership role 

5. Able to build relationships and strengthen partnerships with stakeholders 

Selection Process

Stage 1: CV shortlisting

Stage 2: Interview

Stage 3: Final Selection and Offer Letter 

Current Opening (Location)
Churu District, Rajasthan


  • Stipend - 10,000 and Fooding

  • Opportunity to explore a new region

  • Learning Exchange Programme

  • Mentorship from thematic Experts

How to Apply
E-mail your CV and a cover letter to

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