Premanu Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded at the beginning of 2019 by two fellow TiSSians with an objective of protecting the rights of the children and women. The foundation is seeking social and economic empowerment of rural communities living in India, with a primary focus on tribal children, women, and other marginalized groups in the society.

‘Premanu Foundation’ is an initiative for the holistic development of children and the social empowerment of women. The purpose of this foundation is to create a place/atmosphere of inclusiveness where all services (nutrition, health, early stimulation, education, sports, parenting, skill development, career guidance, counseling, etc.) that are essential for the overall development of a child can be made easily available along with the empowering the women to make them self dependent so that they could lead the society. It is well known that Children & Women constitute 75% of the world population, thus keeping this in mind the foundation is targeting this group with a primary focus to bring the sustainable change in the society.

Vision Statement
“To empower every child and woman of the world to become a change agent (Leader) of the development”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to “To make every child, women and marginalized communities self equipped & independent through awareness, education, development missions, programs, and campaigns. Our mandate is to organize communities, local level institutions  & committees so as to identify the issues and raise voices of the children, women, and other marginalized groups of the communities at the appropriate forums and to bring forward solutions for the advancement and the eradication of issues plaguing them.

Every child deserves the full potential of development for a bright future and we are committed to ensuring survive, thrive, and reach their full potential. We hope that every citizen of the country does care for children’s rights and will standup for their rights.


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