Child Protection

educate the child, do not beat!!

The protection of children from all forms of violence is a fundamental right guaranteed by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international and national child protection standards. Nonetheless, violence remains a harsh reality of life for children across the globe with both immediate and long-term consequences. The experience of a violent/abusive environment creates a culture of low self-esteem and depression, which leads to self-harm and risky behaviors. The adverse impact also carries huge economic and social costs. Violence against children happens everywhere, every day, and one need not look far to find violence in the lives of children. Children who have been abused are often hampered in their development, have low self-esteem, experience various health, learning, and behavioral problems. Violence against children is generally categorized into 5 categories - i) Physical Violence; ii) Sexual Violence; iii) Psychological Violence; iv) Neglect; and v) Commercial Exploitation


According to the Ministry of Women and Children in India 2007 reports, 69% of children are physically abused, 53% face sexual abuse, and 49% face emotional abuse. However, these estimates are not tactual because most of the child abuse/violence cases are not reported or recognized.


Following are the areas we work in -

  • Familial Violence

    • Individual Child and Family 

  • Community Violence

    • Child Labor

    • Child Trafficking 

    • Corporal Punishment in Schools

    • Street Children

    • Migrant Children

    • Children in Child Care Institutions

    • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

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