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Child Protection

educate the child, do not beat!!

According to the Ministry of Women and Child Development 2007 reports, 69% of children are physically abused, 53% face sexual abuse, and 49% face emotional abuse. Further, 1 in 11 children are child labour (census, 2011) and approximately 150 children go missing every day in India (NCRB, 2016). These statistics show the severity of the problem and seek us to ensure the protection of every child.

Building Awareness

We create awareness around different forms of violence, possible risk and its impact on health, learning, and behaviour

Empowering Children

Through various sessions we help empower children, encourage child participation and motivate them to discuss and find the solution of their problems

Eliminating Societal Abuse 

We work to eliminate societal abuse like child marriage, child labour, child trafficking etc


We conduct training of professionals and concerned stakeholders to build their capacity and enhance their skills to deal with children effectively

Children’s Groups and Committees

We create children’s groups and committees at local level to ensure the protection of children. It is based on the concept of children led approach

Co-ordination with District & State level Child Protection Unit 

We co-ordinate with child protection units to effectively implement the child protection policies and programmes

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