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Humanitarian Response during Disasters

India is one of the most disaster-prone countries, often hit by natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, floods, and droughts. Currently, we are going through unprecedented and massive health and humanitarian crisis amidst the global pandemic Covid-19. 

In times of disaster, 

  • We provide basic supplies, hygiene kits, and groceries to children and families.

  • We ensure child-friendly spaces so that children are protected at all times and are also able to learn and play.

  • We also provide teaching and learning support to children in disaster-stricken communities so that continuity in their education is maintained.

  • We ensure the complete protection of children from harm and/or abuse, especially in such vulnerable situations.

  • We closely work with communities affected by a disaster to help them rehabilitate and rebuild their lives.

Amidst the current crisis due to the global pandemic, Premanu Foundation has supported more than 100 families with groceries, N95 masks, sanitizers, and learning kits for children. Please extend your support to our humanitarian work so that we can reach every child and their family from marginalized sections.

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